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Why Darigold is right for Your operation

Darigold milk has been proudly produced by the Northwest Dairy Association since 1918. Milk produced in our COOP of our family farms is different and better with higher solids and fat content due to the region’s natural optimal weather.

Customers generally agree that our exclusively Northwest raw materials, farmer-owned values, sustainability practices and local supply base make Darigold their brand of choice for quality, performance, and value.

Offering the broadest dairy portfolio and the highest brand recognition and satisfaction (94%) in the great Northwest, we are well-positioned to serve your foodservice needs. Darigold and the farmer owners of the NDA are continuously striving to improve the freshness and quality of products while also seeking to become Green House Gas Neutral by 2050 through various farm-level innovations that support our local communities. We have won five national U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards for our ongoing stewardship efforts.

Darigold is a proud partner to our customers, offering them consultative solutions, test products, and the ability to access our QA leadership to address any quality concerns. We’d be happy to help you identify the best products for your foodservice operation, and we look forward to any opportunity to do so.


Darigold is committed to being green house gas neutral by 2050.

Darigold and the Northwest Dairy Association (NDA) recently pledged to neutralize our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. By investing in renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency programs, promoting farm-level carbon sequestration projects, and modernizing our processing and transportation network, our Northwest farmer-owned cooperative is determined to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of our entire enterprise — from farm to consumer product.

Darigold Sustainability


What is the Northwest Dairy Association?

The Northwest Dairy Association’s story spans over 100 years — from the days when farmers milked small herds by hand to today’s dairies that incorporate a variety of innovative new technologies and farm practices to improve cow comfort and other on-farm efficiencies. The dairy farm cooperative that is now known as the Northwest Dairy Association was founded by farmers in 1918 to address marketing challenges they faced. Darigold is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association.

Where are the Northwest Dairy Association farms?

Northwest Dairy Association farms are located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

Darigold plant locations are:

  • Lynden, WA: Milk Proteins
  • Seattle, WA: Fresh Milk
  • Issaquah, WA: Cultured + Butter
  • Spokane, WA: Fresh Milk
  • Chehalis, WA: Milk Proteins
  • Sunnyside, WA: Cheese
  • Portland, OR: ESL Milk
  • Caldwell, ID: Butter + Milk Proteins
  • Boise, ID: Fresh, ESL and UHT Milk
  • Jerome, ID: Condensed + UF Milk + Milk Proteins
  • Bozeman, MT: Fresh Milk

What is the history of the Northwest Dairy Association and Darigold?

Darigold is the marketing and processing subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association, a farmer-owned and led cooperative founded in 1918 by a small group of Washington farmers. Today we are owned by over 300 dairy farm families who are scattered across Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

How is Darigold investing in sustainability?

NDA’s farmer-owners share a commitment to caring for the land, animals and people that make up their farm. Learn more about their environmental stewardship and sustainability initiatives.

How is Darigold investing in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?

Devoted to representing an equal and shared voice for our talented women, WE2 (Women Empowered & Engaged) provides valuable resources that empower women to succeed, grow in their careers and engage community partners committed to female leadership.

POC+A (People of Color & Allies) helps drive an inclusive organizational culture that values diverse backgrounds, shares ideas, helps accomplish business goals, and increases employee engagement.

Why is the Northwest the best place to produce milk?

The Northwest cooler climate is comfortable for cows. The local climate and proximity gives the best opportunity for better feed and beneficial production due to lower distribution and greater cow comfort. Milk is better from the Northwest.

Do Darigold farmers use antibiotics?

Darigold cows are only treated with antibiotics when necessary. When illness requires that a cow be treated, antibiotics are administered according strict FDA guidelines, which include withholding milk from sale. When a cow’s milk is withheld, she is given special care and attention separate from the rest of milking herd until her milk tests free of antibiotics.

Does Darigold distribute directly to restaurants?

Darigold distributes to foodservice operators through a strong network of distributor partner customers across the Northwest, California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Please reach out our customer service team at 800-333-6455 to discover a distributor local to you that distributes Darigold products.

Are Darigold Foodservice products the same as consumer products?

Yes, a high percentage of Darigold products are sold in both the foodservice and retail channels. There are specific bulk products that are foodservice only.

Can I order Darigold foodservice items online?

Unfortunately, there is not an opportunity to buy Darigold Away From Home (foodservice) products online today. Please call us at 800-333-6455 to find a distributor local to you that distributes Darigold products.

Where are Darigold products offered?

Darigold products are offered across a variety of foodservice distributors across the Northwest, California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Please call 800-333-6455 to find a distributor local to you that distributes Darigold products.

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